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Really knows Curl Curl and Freshwater - 20 Jul 2018

I have known James professionally for 10 years after making an enquiry on a house way back. We have had plenty of conversations over the years about property etc. He is a wealth of knowledge and knows Curl Curl and Freshwater well. When it came time to use an agent to rent our house a couple of years ago we decided to use SEA. When it came time to sell our family home recently it was an easy decision to again go with SEA. The rental experience was good. We had some issues and disagreements during the rental term but nothing that wasn't sorted out professionally. These issues weren't a big deal, however I make the comment to highlight that relationships involving such a large emotional asset can be fraught with issues. I believe the key to success is how these are dealt with. It can be difficult to keep emotions in check and James always keeps it professional and explains what he thinks is going on. I would use SEA again. From my perspective SEA would be the best agency to use when selling a house in Curl Curl and Freshwater.


James ran a solid campaign and delivered against our expectations. He was clear in his communications from the start, working with us prior to launching our property and during the campaign. We would recommend his services & agency.

Communication made all the difference - 28 May 2018

John's communication skills are second to none. At every point of the process. we understood exactly what was needed from us, what John was doing for our sale, and understood the ins-and-outs of the sales strategy. He came over a few nights a week on his own time to discuss any updates we could see where the market was, and what the likely outcomes were. John's strategy was solid and unfaltering - something we trusted even when we had different ideas. We wanted to sell before auction, and on the last day John used all his know-how to secure a quality buyer, negotiate a price, and get the sale. We got the price, and John was there for the celebration beers. You can really speak with John and he'll often put you at ease during times of big decisions. That's why we feel that we can trust him - he's working for his vendors all the way. 100% recommended.