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Smyth Estate Agents!

James and his team navigated a difficult period in the market to acheive a win-win for both the vendor and purchaser.

More difficult marketing conditions highlight the need for an experienced agent and in this regard we would recommend James and his team.

James is Great!

James was a very honest and straight to the point agent. He worked hard to present the opens and to bring in offers.

He made sure to explore all possible options available to ensure the property was sold with as little impact to me as possible.

I have no doubt James would represent all his clients to the best of his abilities.

Hey John

I wanted to say thank you for your approach in selling our apartment in Queenscliff. You and I have been friends for quite a while, but Sarah and I really appreciated your professional and sometimes tough advice once we decided to sell. The regular updates kept us confident in your unique process and we always knew our options at every point.

In a slowing market we consistently seemed to have better leads than others selling around us. As our first sale, that day before auction was obviously nervous, but through the window where we waited - your tip of the hat with an excited buyer and a great price - truly classic!!

It's evident how much you care about our local community - because it's where you're from. I reckon that makes a big difference to how you communicate that passion to potential buyers.

I'll be recommending you on as a friendly, hard working and community-minded agent. We'll see you down at the beach.

The Quinn Family